Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association
Serving over 1,500 Homes in North Dallas
The 5 Star ENP
"Expanded Neighborhood Patrol"
The 5 STAR ENP is a separate organization but they are within our area, and we work closely with them.  
Since the ENP began 4 years ago,
neighborhood crime has dropped over 68%.

Off-duty Dallas Police in city p0lice cars patrol at random times, augmented by regularly-scheduled
late-night patrols by an armed, uniformed officer from Smith Protective Services.

Due to our size, this is one of the least expensive private patrol services in Dallas.  If you live in the 5 Star
ENP area, you receive a lot for your support:
>   4-hour Dallas Police patrols on weekdays and some weekends.
>   Late-night armed security patrols, 5 nights a week by Smith Protective Services.
>   Police periodically run radar on streets with a high incidence of speeding.
>   Members can request added surveillance for their home when out of town.
>   Members receive Smith’s late night dispatch number.  Add this to your cell phone, and during
Smith’s hours, you can call them directly if you see or hear something suspicious or if your car
 alarm is triggered.  Call Smith and their officer can be at your home within minutes, during
their regular patrol hours.  
You can join  here and pay by Credit Card.  Dues are $160 for a "Basic" membership (which funds a 4-hour
patrol by
Dallas Police) or $200 for a "Basic Plus" membership (which funds an 8-hour late night patrol by
Smith Protective Services).  Memberships purchased now are through December, 201

By adding
$15 dues for the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association, you will also support our efforts to
improve our neighborhood.  Most residents belong to both organizations.

If you are a
5 Star ENP member and would like to buy a Police Patrol yard sign (pictured on the right,
below) please send us an
email.  They are 9"x9" with an aluminum stake, weather-proof and highly
reflective at night.  The price is $17.50.