Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association
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The Churchill Way ENP
"Expanded Neighborhood Patrol"
The Churchill Way ENP -- which is north of Forest Lane -- is managed by our Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood
.   Funding is provided by Alcuin School on Churchill Way as part of  a 2015 zoning case which
resulted in an agreement between Alcuin and several nearby neighborhood associations.
Our thanks to Alcuin School for providing this valuable benefit for our neighborhood!

Patrols are by a combination of  armed, uniformed officers from Smith Protective Services in marked patrol
cars, and by armed, uniformed, off-duty Dallas Police in city p0lice cars.  The Police officers also periodically
enforce traffic laws, including writing speeding citations.

If you live in the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association area of this ENP (that is, south of Churchill Way),
must be a Hillcrest Forest member to receive the details and email updates from us about these patrols, so
please click here to  join.  Membership is only $15 a year, which is used to publish newsletters, support our web
site, and benefit the neighborhood.  Residents in the Preston Citadel area north of Churchill Way should enroll
in their Yahoo Group online message board.
Police Patrol yard signs (shown here) are now available to residents within this area.  
They are 9" x 9", highly reflective, weatherproof, and come with an aluminum stake.
The price is $17.50, or $30 for two.   Email us
here if you are a resident and want to buy one.