Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association
Serving over 1,500 Homes in North Dallas
Neighborhood Security
NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME - According to the Dallas Police, we are a "low crime" area.  But that
doesn't mean
no crime.  Crime here typically consists of home burglaries & thefts (approx.
50%), automobile break-ins (approx. 40%), and "other" (10%).  Half is late at night, especially
auto break-ins; the rest during the day when many residents are at work, mostly burglaries,
because burglars don't like to enter houses when residents may be there.  A lot of Texas
residents own a gun!

1.  Private Police Patrols (ENP = "Expanded Neighborhood Patrol")
- The 5 Star ENP south of Forest Lane, east of Hillcrest Road
- The
Churchill Way ENP north of Forest Lane, west of Hillcrest Road
2.  Crime Watch (in the
5 Star ENP area)
3.  Other neighborhood programs - Volunteers In Patrol (VIP)

1.   HAVE an alarm system.
2.  USE your alarm system.
3.  Place a
"No Soliciting" sign at your front door.  You don't want solicitors to knock and find
that no one is home.  Signs can be ordered from places like
4.  Do not leave your garage door open.  An item can be snatched in 10 seconds.
5.  If you car is usually outside overnight, try to make space in your garage.  40% of all
neighborhood crime is against vehicles parked outside at night.
6.  Other common-sense precautions:  lock doors, stop newspapers & mail when out of
town, use lights on timers, leave a radio on, etc.
8.   If something looks suspicious, dial
911.  We are the eyes & ears of the Police.
Most HFNA members now have security patrols on their streets.
We hope that you will support them.

If you live south of Forest Lane and east of Hillcrest Road,
click here for information about the 5 Star ENP.
If you live
north of Forest Lane and west of Hillcrest Road,
click here for information about the Churchill Way ENP.

Even residents outside of these areas benefit,
because thieves don't know where the patrolled areas begin and end.