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Neighborhood Overlays

In late 2005, the City Council approved a "Neighborhood Overlay" zoning category,
where individual neighborhoods could (with a certain percentage of signatures and
city approval) limit:

  • Height
  • Front yard setback
  • Side yard setback
  • Garage location and orientation.

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It is similar in concept to a Conservation District, but with a streamlined "menu" of
possible conditions and a much faster time line for implementation than required for
a Conservation District.

The minimum overlay size would be 50 homes, or the original subdivision, whichever
is less.

If a neighborhood wants to pay the application fee ($1,000+), 51% of the property
owners in the area could apply to limit setbacks and garage location.  Public hearings
would be required at the City Plan Commission and City Council for approval.  If at
least 75% of the neighborhood supports the application, the process could be initiated
by the City Plan Commission or City Council with no fee (this is the same way
Conservation Districts work -- 51% can apply with fee, 75% with no fee).

If at least 60% of the homeowners support it, they would also have the option of
limiting height.  The height limit would be based on a slope starting at the midpoint
of the street and angling up toward the rear of the property.  Essentially, the rear part
of any house could still be at the 30' height limit allowed by current zoning (if it was
under the slope), but the front would have to be lower.  This is similar to what is
allowed in the highly-restrictive "M Streets" Conservation District.