Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association
Serving over 1,500 Homes in North Dallas
A single family home builder in Austin, PSW Real Estate, bought the rear half of the Northaven
Gardens property (about 4 acres) in 2014 and is now selling homes in the $600,000 range.  Their
web site can be viewed
here.  A heavy commercial landscaping business previously operated on
the site.  PSW will to build 31 contemporary single family homes on small lots.  

The homes will be constructed as they are sold, and judging by the developer's other very
successful projects in Dallas and Austin, that process normally takes 2-3 years.  Most construction
traffic will be via Freda Stern Drive.  A copy of the PD (Planned Development) zoning regulations
for this property may be seen

The site is a "transitional" location.  One side adjoins an institutional use (the Jewish Community
Center), the second side adjoins a busy retail/commercial operation (North Haven Gardens), and
the third side is adjacent to a public park and tall industrial high-voltage electric towers (the
Northaven Trail).  Only one of the four sides has residential adjacency.

This is a preliminary plat.  The primary access will be from Freda Stern Drive to Royal Lane, but for
public safety, the City required a second access point, which will be Azalea Lane.
Behind North Haven Gardens
2012, November.  North Haven Gardens filed an application to rezone its property on Northaven
Road.  The business existed there prior to annexation into the city in the early 1950s.

The owners of North Haven Gardens met with the board of the HFNA and stated that they
currently have no plans to sell their business, but if that should happen one day, they propose
adding the following options:

  • Single family homes on smaller lots.  At the request of the HFNA, North Haven Gardens
    agreed to increase the average lot size to at least 5,000 sq. ft., a 50% increase from their
    original proposal.

  • Retirement Home.  It could serve as a “transition” between the institutional use on the east
    (the JCC) and the single family homes on the west.  It would be quieter and generate less
    traffic than the current retail and commercial landscaping contractor.  Height would be
    limited to 36 feet (3 stories).  At the request of our association, North Haven Gardens
    agreed to a condition that would require that our association be notified in advance of any
    plans for a retirement home so that we might be part of the review process.

In addition, North Haven Gardens has agreed to many other restrictions, including:

  • A minimum 35' of landscaped property fronting on Northaven Road, to match the required
    front yards of the homes on Northaven and maintain a residential look to the street.  
  • If single family homes are developed within 30 feet of the west property line, the west side
    of such homes cannot have clear second-story windows or balconies overlooking the
    existing homes within our Association boundaries.  The new homes can have translucent
    (not clear) windows, or windows at least 6' off the floor on the west side.  Previously, no
    such privacy restrictions existed.
  • No retirement home more than 20' high (essentially 2 low stories) within 90 feet of the west
    property line, plus the same requirement for windows and balconies if a retirement home
    more than 20' high is built within 80 feet of the west property line
  • For a retirement home or garden center/landscaping use, access to the property from
    Azalea Lane or Currin Drive is prohibited.  There was previously no such prohibition.  Access
    is allowed for Single Family homes only.

On Feburary 27, 2013, the City Council approved the zoning change.

Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association contacted the single family homes within 500
feet of North Haven Gardens.  Due to the many restrictions agreed to by North Haven Gardens,
new protections offered to the adjacent neighbors which would not exist if the zoning change
did not take place, and the lack of opposition from most of the immediate neighbors, the board
of the HFNA chose to
neither oppose the request nor support it.