Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association
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OCTOBER, 2013.  A developer living near the church, Charles Hicks, filed a zoning request for a
gated, upscale single-family development with 18 homes on lots in the same size range as several
other smaller-lot developments along Forest lane.  It will have a significant green space
along Forest Lane, extending 25-50 feet back from the curb, with a curving wall meandering
through it.  About half the green space would be outside the wall.  This would help preserve the
existing trees and improve the drive-by appearance from Forest Lane.

If the green space was added back to the lots (where it would not be seen from Forest Lane), the
average lot size would be approximately 9,100 square feet, similar to other small-developments
on the north side of Forest Lane.

We have been told that lots would sell in the $400,000 range, and the finished custom homes
(including lot) would be in the $1 Million range.

The adjacent homeowners on the east, who would share a common street with the new
development, had several requests of the developer to gain their support, including a new left
turn lane on eastbound Forest Lane and a detailed landscape plan to be included in the PD
ordinance. Having obtained those concessions, they said that they supported the application.

The adjacent homeowners on the north wanted more privacy, and the developer agreed to
increase the north building setback by 10 feet, add trees for screening along the north property
line, and any second-story windows which face north toward the neighbors can only have
translucent (frosted) glass.  They withdrew their opposition.

The board of the HFNA informed the City that we conditionally supported the request, subject to
the changes requested by the neighbors.  

The rezoning was approved by the City Council on Feburary 12, 2014.

Site Plan - including the Forest Lane greenbelt and the walls - Can be enlarged for a better view.

Artist rendering of the entrance and greenbelt on Forest Lane:
The Unity Church Property